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Starting in the Crypto World?

A great deal of terminology used in technical analysis is baffling and off putting to a beginner. You need not be put off — anyone from a fish monger to a crane driver can be a successful Crypto trader.

 It’s simple so long as you pick a sound set of companies invest and stick to your plan. When it comes to a Crypto trading strategy, there’s often a lot to choose from. Bitcoin or Ethereum maximalist? a Split? Alt-coin holder? 

Our aim at CryptoClub is to demystify cryptocurrency trading for the lay person. It is the money of the future, after all. In keeping with the decentralised structure of Cryptocurrency, knowledge should be available to everyone, at every level.

In the crypto trading market, volatility is half the fun — or the regret. By pursuing a long term hold strategy, you can avoid the turmoil that day traders face in the bubble like Bitcoin market, for instance.

Over a longer period, say 5-10 years making a number of smaller investments into upcoming Crypto Companies is a safer way of preserving your funds and making financial gain.

It’s still early days in Cryptocurrency, and in the block chain space. It follows that a number of companies are hugely undervalued compared to their prospective worth, say in 2020- and yet only a fraction of these companies will be unicorns and bring you home the jackpot.

‘Want safer returns?  then stop day trading.’

Do you want safer returns? Then stop day trading and hold. Investing in just Bitcoin seems too risky? Then spread out your investments- not just in crypto but into other companies related to it.

If you want to read more about some sound principles for investing, then check our link below. If not, scroll right on, bub.

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 The price of Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile.

 As of the end of the first financial quarter of 2018, Cryptocurrencies have thus far been the worst performing asset class.

Many Crypto Currency analysis websites will justify precarious investment decisions with thin reasoning, and a few nifty graphics. Most notable Crypto bloggers have a share in the content they distribute, and are often involved in ‘sell the news’ type tactics, losing their keen readership their investments, whilst keeping their trust unsuspectingly.

CRYPTOCLUB does not make money from its users by way of presenting information in a distorted way with aims of exploiting its readership. Nor do we obtain funds from sponsorships or contracts. We make small amounts from the occasional Tee’s and Caps we sell, and any kind hearted donations.  

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